Before you spend any money for any website, why do you want a website.

  • Do you plan to sell online? Does your church, school, club or organization want an online presence? Need a family website to post photos and keep in touch?
  • Need a site for your aftermarket sales for Ebay?
  • Run a home based business?
  • As a hobbyist, do you wish to share your hobby with others?
We have built many websites over the years (since 1997), and what we have learned is:
  • Most need a website NOW!
  • Funds are limited
  • Web Building skills may limited
  • Time to learn and build are also limited
  • Businesses want to use their website as a sales tool
  • Market your business/service locally, across the country or around the world

We do not have a sales pitch. We show you our offered services and you decide.

We do not use Bells & Whistles to make a site look pretty.  The last thing you need is a customer or visitor leaving your website because you used too many images or Flash. Your visitors come to your website to either buy, make an inquiry or just to visit. Most potential customers/visitors leave a website if your main page hasn't loaded in less than 10 seconds. They do not want to wait and watch some flash introduction page playing.

If you have limited website building skills, then we recommend using as your hosting service. No HTML skills are needed as Homestead uses an outstanding Drag N' Drop web building tool. Using the free templates supplied by Homestead, this website was created entirely using the Homestead Drag N' Drop  web building tool.

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